What a great way to present a gift!  Play this at an event with an audio speech, personalised artwork, musical piece & add special messages....

Present the finished piece of art, canvassed and ready to hang!


The Devil's Beauties


 Truly inspired by music, this piece of art came about while listening to one of my all time classic favorites…. The devil's beauties...with music like this its easy to get carried away - NJoy!

This particular piece of music was composed by François Dompierre, was written for La Pietà.

A tear for Tata

 Amandla - Power to a fighter, a struggler and a winner. Asimbonanga sung by my favorite South Africa music artist Johnny Clegg.  "Asimbonanga" ("We haven't seen him"), which called for the release of Nelson Mandela, and which called out the names of three representative martyrs of the South African liberation struggle - Steve Biko, Victoria Mxenge, and Neil Aggett.